A generation has been born and a generation has passed away while Muscogee Nation of Florida continues to make enough petition changes that an ineffective and unfair process can be satisfied. The problems encountered by Muscogee Nation of Florida is uniquely the case of a Southeastern Tribe, who must respond to a set of regulations that deliberately ignore the violent policies, history, and impact of Jim Crow laws on its one hundred – year past (the only time period that the Office of Federal Acknowledgement currently considers). The Tribe cannot be recognized by an external entity as an Indian Tribe when its people were not allowed to be Indian.

​Muscogee Nation of Florida has 408 members who have met stringent membership criteria. Tribal members have provided vital records demonstrating their ancestry from persons whose names Margi Gatti, Storyteller are recorded on the church register from 1912 to 1917, a direct relationship to the Parsons-Abbott Creek Census of 1832 in historic Creek Nation, and must maintain active ties to the Bruce community.  More than one-half of Muscogee Nation members live within a 10-mile radius of the Tribe’s Council House. More that 80 per cent live within a 30-mile radius. Almost all Tribal members live within 50 miles of Bruce, Florida.

Members of the Muscogee Nation of Florida are not members of any other federally recognized Tribes. The Tribe has a 7 -acre land base in Bruce and has 13 acres of 4000- year-old shell mounds that it keeps in protective trust for the benefit of all people. The County Commissioners of Walton County Florida gave the mounds to the Tribe. There are limited services provided to the Tribe’s membership. 



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Muscogee Nation of Florida History: