Muscogee Nation of Florida has never been a part of another Tribe except through the cooperative effort of early Tribal leaders in the Land Claim Settlements of the 1950s. Tribal members still live on original Florida homesteads that date back to the mid-19th century. The people of Muscogee Nation of Florida have lived together, labored together, worshiped together, and stayed together as a Tribe despite the adversities created U.S. government Removal Policies and by a state government that attempted to legislate the Tribe out of existence through categorical removal and forced assimilation.

​The Muscogee Nation of Florida now seeks a restoration of its relationship with the United States, which was established by treaties, disrupted by removal, and suppressed by racist laws. The Muscogee Nation of Florida Tribal Council calls upon the United States to rectify injustices of the past, reaffirm treaty relations, and restore recognition of the Tribe’s sovereign rights. 

Muscogee Nation of Florida History:



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